Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Couric Wonders If They Quot Re Celebrating In Gaza

Katie Couric

S. President is inaugurated. These are people who do not have the inclination or the luxury of expectations, because their expectations were dashed many times. They ve been today, in particular, in the streets, trying to get their lives together. However, they have some hope for Barack Obama. Just as they built things, they hit again. As a president, who think that he can be a little different. CBS anchor Katie Couric wondering if the people of Gaza have been feeling of hope, now that a new U. . CBS correspondent Allen Pizzey replied: Well, Katie, here in Gaza, people haven t really paid much attention to the.

Kelly Osbourne Arrested George Clooney Makes Ellen Degeneres Appearance Joaquin Phoenix Makes Hip Hop Debut

George Clooney

Study for its next program, ever since she moved to Burbank Calif., Last year the Match. He also asked Clooney PAL Brad Pitt for advice when he was a guest on his show at the end of last year. The comedienne has conducted a long campaign to secure his Warner Bro. George Clooney did talk show host Ellen DeGenere dreams - from appearing on his show last long. But Clooney has never been in his office when the comedienne and her guests called. His techniques have included the dispatch of Kate Hudson, Dolly Parton, marching band, sexy male strippers and hot models to its production office.

Vanessa Hudgens City Wok Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgen

Rolling around in his Audi convertible, the High School Musical star has opted for a while City Wok before continuing with his day.. Clad in a flowing white boots, Vanessa Hudgen head off just to gather some Chinese food for lunch Wednesday afternoon (January 20).

Hollywood Nights Beckhams Strip Photos Kelly Rutherford Divorce


The Beckham are stripped of again. The new president seems quite good as well. Back on this coast, Kelly Rutherford divorce case is back in the news, and you come Messier. Not t try this first W Magazine?. Hollywood nights is still watching DC inaugural balls and doesn t Michelle Obama look pretty.

Jennifer Lopez Jlo Ropes In Brazilian Supermodel To Boost Lingerie Lines Sales

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez came with a plan to increase sales of its line of lingerie - has roped in the Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros. Meanwhile, it was recently Jennifer Lopez news for rebuffing claims that she and her husband are getting divorced Marc Anthony. The Brazilian model has also stripped down to his underwear in lingerie ad, The Sun reports. With Barros pose semi nude for JLos new lingerie line, the sale of the range of clothing definitely experience a further boost.